Four Winds Farm

2019 VHSA Associate Hunter Show Mini Series!


Dates & Judges:

June 9th Kimberlea Gilbertson

August 11th, Dede Shumate

October 20th, Cyndy Hair


Shows start at 9:00 am

At Four Winds Farm

13550 Vint Hill Rd, Nokesville VA

Open schooling 8:00-8:45am

Classes $15

$10 Admin fee per horse

Ask us about scheduled schooling the day before the show!





•        Four Winds Farm, Staff and Volunteers will not be held responsible for accident, loss, injuries to exhibitors, spectators or animals, or damage to equipment of any kind.

•   All exhibitors must present and leave a copy of a current negative Coggins test on each animal brought to the show grounds.

•        All VHSA recognized classes will be run under VHSA rules.

•        Points follow VHSA will be awarded as follows:

                       3-5 exhibitors=  1st-10 pts.,2nd- 6 pts., 3rd- 4 pts., 4th- 2 pts.,

                       5th- 1 pt., 6th- .5 pt.

                       6-9 exhibitors= 1st- 11, 2nd- 7, 3rd- 5, 4th- 3, 5th-2, 6th- 1.5

                       10 or more exhibitors= 1st- 12, 2nd-8, 3rd-6, 4th- 4, 5th-3, 6th- 2.5

                       Champion= 10 points, Reserve= 6 points

•        ASTM/SEI certified helmet required at all times when mounted.

•      No poor sportsmanship or bad conduct will be tolerated by any participant or spectator.

•        Un judged rounds allowed at regular entry fee.

•  Show management has the right to combine or cancel any classes/divisions if there are less than 3 entries.

•        Age of rider is determined “as of” December 1, of the calendar year.

•        The judge has the authority to excuse any horse from a class due to lameness OR safety concerns.

•        The Judges and/or Show Managers decision is FINAL.

•        The use of any illegal equipment (bits, tack, etc) will be grounds for DQ.

•        If a rider falls from their horse while in the ring, they MUST exit the ring before mounting again.

•        Returned check fee of $25 will be enforced for returned checks.


It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, parent, or trainer to enter riders and horses only in a division in which they can compete safely! If a rider or horse is deemed unsafe they will be pulled from the class/division and ribbons/points will be removed


Host facility for the Prince William Horse Association Hunter, Western and Jumper shows too!


Show begins at 9:00 am. Open Schooling 8:00-8:45.
Entry Fee $15 per class. $10 admin fee per horse.

California Warm Ups will run all day if time permits. Course B



1. Leadline- 100% Rider

2. Leadline- 100% mount

3. Leadline- 50% Rider 50% Mount

Short Stirrup (VHSA)

4. Under Saddle- WTC

5. Over Fences-A- 18” may trot

6. Over Fences-B- 18” may trot

Jr/Ad Hunter Pleasure (VHSA)

7.Pleasure- Walk Trot

8. Pleasure- Go As You Please

9. Pleasure- Walk Trot Canter

Student Hunter 2’

10. Under Saddle- WTC

11. Over Fences- A

12. Over Fences- B

Schooling Hunter 2’

13. Under Saddle- WTC

14. Over Fences- A

15. Over Fences- B

Pony Hunter 2’ or 2’6”

16. Under Saddle- WTC

17. Over Fences- A

18. Over Fences- B

Childrens Hunter 2’6” (VHSA)

19. Under Saddle- WTC

20. Over Fences- A

21. Over Fences- B

Adult Amateur Hunter 2’6” (VHSA)

22. Under Saddle- WTC

23. Over Fences- A

24. Over Fences- B

TB Hunter 2’6” (VHSA)

25. Under Saddle- WTC

26. Over Fences- A

27. Over Fences- B

Working Hunter 2’6” or 3’ (VHSA)

28. Under Saddle- WTC

29. Over Fences- A

30. Over Fences- B

California Warm ups will run all day if  time permits. Course B


Leadline: Open to riders 7yrs and under. Not eligible for any other classes at this show.

Short Stirrup Hunter: VHSA rules apply. Open to riders 12yrs and under on ponies or horses. Riders may not cross enter any class with jumps over 18”. May trot or canter over fences. Mounts may not cross enter into any other division but Pleasure.

Junior/Adult Hunter Pleasure: All VHSA rules apply. Open to horses/ponies ridden by adults/juniors. Judged on performance, soundness, manners, etc. Division will be split for Juniors and Adults if entries warrant.

Student Hunter: Open to riders in their first or second year of showing over fences 2’ or higher. May trot or canter over fences. Courses of 8 fences at 2’

Schooling Hunter:  Open to all horses and ponies with no restrictions on riders. Courses of 8 fences at 2’.

Pony Hunter: Open to ponies 14.2 and under ridden by Juniors. Courses of 8 fences at 2’ or 2’6”

Childrens Hunter: VHSA rules apply. Open to horses ridden by Juniors. Courses of 8 fences at 2’6” may be combined with Adult Amateur Hunter if entries warrant.

Adult Amateur Hunter: VHSA rules apply. Open to horses ridden by adult amateurs. Courses of 8 fences at 2’6” May be combined with Childrens Hunter if entries warrant.

Thoroughbred Hunter: VHSA rules Apply. Limited to horses who are registered with or eligible to be registered with the Jockey Club. Courses of 8 fences at 2’6” May be combined with Working Hunter if entries warrant.

Working Hunter: VHSA rules apply. Open to all.  Courses of 8 fences at 2’6” or 3’. May be combined with Thoroughbred Hunter if entries warrant.

California Warm Up: will run all day if time permits. Riders must jump Course B. Regular class fee.